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At PURA Elements, we are inspired by the Costa Rican term Pura Vida that directly translates to Pure Life. We believe in the medical capabilities of nature’s elements, and with our team of expert scientists have worked hard to develop a line of plant-derived therapies that deliver cannabinoids (THC and CBD) naturally. With carefully selected botanicals, our advanced delivery systems provide maximum bioavailability without the need for synthetic chemical enhancers.

PURA Elements exemplifies the healing powers of what nature has to offer. Throughout history, it was believed that everything on our planet was made up of four elements: FIRE, AIR, WATER, and EARTH. This notion carried through the centuries, rooting itself as the base of ancient philosophy, science and medicine. At PURA Elements, we channel our therapies in line with this foundation by representing each of these natural elements with one of our formulations.


Advanced, Natural, Cannabinoid Delivery Mechanism



The first element is FIRE, a symbol representing power, force and purity. Accepted as the dominant element, FIRE is traditionally seen as active and outreaching, able to transform any physical matter that it touches. With each flicker of its flames it releases energy, driving back darkness, and bringing about purity with it’s emanating light. We have chosen this element to represent our THC therapies that transform pain into relief, while adding an extra burst of energy to your day.


Closely linked with fire, AIR is the second outreaching element, symbolizing creativity, intelligence and consciousness. It’s connected to the soul and breath, surrounding all that it touches without any physical form. For those that want to calm both the body and mind, these THC therapies give a peaceful and AIRY lift toward a relaxed and sleepy state.


WATER is a necessity of life and represents the third element, symbolizing subconsciousness and emotion. This element can connect with every physical sense, ranging from rapid motions to calming ripples.  These THC therapies represent the middle ground of WATER’s natural waves, creating a relaxed state that is neither too sleepy nor too stimulating.


With its stability and groundedness, EARTH represents beginnings and endings, unity and growth. Where life begins and ends, this element is the foundation and platform that all else stems from. Our CBD products keep you balanced and down to EARTH taking advantage of their natural relief without fogginess and psychoactive effects.


The Greek philosopher Aristotle, inspired by the light of the stars, later created a fifth element that we are calling LIGHT. Representing enlightenment, confidence and healing, these therapies combine both THC and CBD and bring to LIGHT the combined uplifting effects, bringing about a greater relief.

“There are no incurable diseases – only the lack of will.

There are no worthless herbs – only the lack of knowledge”

–   A V I C E N N A  –
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