Through our innovative and proprietary formulations and delivery methods, the Pura Elements™ product line offers a selection of advanced delivery mechanisms of medical cannabis. Each of the Pura Elements™ products are available in a range of cannabinoid dosages and profiles.

Manufacturing: Pura Elements™ products are manufactured under Health Canada and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and are  analytically tested at Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) level. Our formulations and products are designed by Avicanna’s team of scientists which has over 100 years of combined pharmaceutical experience in product development.

Clinical Data: Clinical development of cannabinoid-based medical products is federally approved in Canada which allows our scientific team to work with leading medical and academic institutions to develop our initial line of products. Currently, our clinical development includes studies focused on animal bio-availability and pharmacokinetic (PK) studies. Ultimately, Avicanna’s goal is to offer a range of indication-specific products supported by the results of our clinical studies.

Current Products

Transdermal Patches: Our diverse line of transdermal patches is designed to avoid first-pass metabolism to enhance bio-availability. The transdermal patches are engineered with different proprietary formulations that offer a variety of carriers for slow and fast absorption. Additionally, our line of transdermal patches offers a range of dosages and cannabinoid profiles.

Topical Creams: Our topical and transdermal creams include a variety of proprietary formulations designed for localized and transdermal delivery of cannabinoids. Topical creams are offered in different cannabinoid profiles and dosages.

Sublingual Sprays:  Our sublingual spray products are designed for enhanced and expedited bio-availability through proprietary formulations and carriers. Various cannabinoid profiles and dosages are available.

Soft Gel Capsules: Our soft gel capsules are designed to provide enhanced bio-availability and stability for reliable and effective oral delivery of cannabinoids. A range of cannabinoid profiles and dosages are available.

Future Pipeline: Avicanna’s Research and Development team is currently developing a range of cannabinoid-based products both internally and through collaborative efforts with renowned Canadian scientific and research institutions. Our future pipeline includes products such as:

  • Topical Gels;
  • Medical Vapourizers;
  • Indication-specific product lines.

Europe: Pura Elements™ Earth CBD products available for import from Switzerland

Canada: Pura Elements™ will be offered through select Licensed Producers in 2018

USA: Pura Elements™ will be offered in selected States through local partners in 2018

Rest of the world: Direct exports are available from Canada through a controlled substance license

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